Bringing Exuberance To Life


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Have dreams and goals. It's good having great memories but make sure your dreams for your future are bigger than your memories. If all of your past isn't a great memory then give up on the hope of a better past. Don't get your hopes down. Just for now, be OK with what you currently have. Decide what your dream is - make it one that takes your breath away. Write it down with a date that you want to achieve it by. Now it's a goal and you can go after it. Carry it with you and read it at least once a day. Work out a plan to get you to your goal. Take some action every day to move you closer to your goal. Be at peace with knowing you are doing something to change the things you want to be different.

Wow! That's exuberance thinking.


bursting through a surface

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The word exuberant

has been adopted by Graham Hidderley/Burgess



joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic

high spirits

lavish and flamboyant

great or extreme in degree, size, or extent

    produced in extreme abundance